Unique Sterling Silver Charm Bead. Handmade in England. Trollbeads Compatible Size by Mason Hardy

Mason Hardy presents this entirely hand made piece, created at our English Studio from .925 Sterling Silver Bullion.

So different and so timeless, we were going to name these pieces individually but we thought that would be better left to their new owners.
So.... what will you name yours ?

These pieces are Not cast moulded or mass produced but are entirely created from bullion by hand utilising ancient Jewellery making techniques. 

The core size is compatible only with Trollbeads style bracelets and bangles (these will, naturally, fit our own Cottingley Treasures Bangles and Bracelets) But will not fit the larger Pandora size bracelets.

If you require pieces to fit larger style bangles and bracelets, please get in touch and we will be happy to help create that perfect piece uniquely for you.

Shown here in the pictures is the exact piece you will receive
(bangle and bracelet sold separately.)
The weight of this piece is just over two grams.

Supplied with Jewellery Pouch.

Thank you so much for looking.
If you have a design in mind, get in touch and see what we may create especially for you.

Kindest regards

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