Mason Hardy Gemstone Jewellery Creations

33% Off !
To celebrate the Royal Wedding in Great Britain tomorrow we are having a weekend sale. So, beginning from midnight tonight British Time 18th May until the end of Sunday 20th May the Mason Hardy collection, featuring all our current range of Bangles and Stoppers will be 33% off. This sale is ONLY for the Mason Hardy section at 
Just purchase as normal and we will refund 33% of the purchase price of all your Mason Hardy items as soon as we see your order arrive (which may take a few hours as we are going walking tomorrow and Sunday while the weather here in Dorset is so lovely).
Feel free to also enquire about any sold out Mason Hardy items and we will see if we can make them at the sale price for you.
Any questions get in touch and we will do all we can to help.
Remember please that this Sale is only for the Mason Hardy Handmade Collection, purchases made from other sections will not have 33% refunded thank you.
Have a super weekend everyone.
Kindest regards,

The Gemstone Creations here are mostly known as range of Hydrothermal Quartz.

These Beautiful Laboratory Created Gems are just of the most superb quality.

We then Drill Core them with Silver and give them a final Polish before their moment in front of the Camera (we can core any of our beads to any size and with any precious metal so do get in touch if you have a particular preference in core sizing that we do not show.) 

Kindest regards.

Please Note:
The Introductory period for our Price ranges for our Handmade items will be coming to a close shortly and during April there will be a price rise to bring our work more in line with other items of this quality available elsewhere.
The Current prices and delivery costs will remain as they are now until this change so please take advantage of these low prices for handmade items while you can.
Kind regards.