Elfbeads Retired Bead Day July 2016

Elfbeads are well known for releasing lots of choice for their collectors, however, this time round we get a chance to go back through the vaults and re order those beads we thought were gone forever!!!

It is an exciting time for us all as we re visit beads such as the Skyline Dreams Glass Bead

Or the Popular Cotton Candy Stardust Fractal

With so many different colours it is going to be even more difficult to decide. Remember, these beads will never be available to buy again!!!

Jungle Flames Fractal

Nebula Earthbead Fractal

I think my must have is this Arctic Earthbead Fractal. I have the non Fractal version and it just mixes well with everything!

However much we love our Glass Elfbeads, it seems the Silver is what we are all searching for! We  have had a lot of our customers asking about the prices of these Fantastic Silver Beads and we are happy to say that they will be held at the same price as their original RRP!!  So this most certainly is a dilema.......
Just So Many Exquisite Designs to Choose From ...

Wonderhat      £39.00

Stars    £35.00


Pegasus    £35.00


Wavy    £35.00

 And Many Many More !!!

All of the Retired Silver Elfbeads in the "Retired Bead Day 2016" Section will be made  available again but this is a time limited offer and ALL ORDERS MUST be received by us At the latest Friday 22nd July. At this point we will not require any payment for your order until we can receive delivery from Elfbeads but, we will place your orders with Paul and await our delivery time. This could be longer than a week as some of these precious beads will be made to order especially for you !!!

Please email us on hello@girlego.com or PM us through our Girlego Beads Facebook page and we will be happy to help. For all the individual Silver prices please visit the
" Retired Bead Day 2016 " 
Section on our website and click on the bead that you are interested in and in the description you will find the price.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.......

Kindest regards, Zoe xxx


Zoe Senior
Zoe Senior