5 Amazing New Cottingley Treasures Stoppers Now Available

Following on from our last blog post, I can now announce that the Cottingley Treasures range of stoppers has been perfected and they are ready to order!!!

After Hand Making a few different designs and sizes it was decided that the slightly chunkier version was the best for us and hopefully you. They are quite substantial as you can see from the picture below where a Cottingley Smooth Copper Stopper is nestled between two Trollbeads Copper Stoppers:

Cottingley Treasures Copper Stopper and Trollbeads Copper Stopper

We are also hand hammering a version of our stopper in both Brass and Copper to provide an accompaniment to our hand made bangles.

Cottingley Treasures Hammerd Brass Stopper Cottingley Treasures Hammered Copper Stopper


 We of course also provide a handmade smooth version of both of our bangles, copper and brass as well as silver so you will find both copper and brass smooth stoppers as well.

Cottingley Treasures Smooth Brass Stopper  Cottingley Treasures Smooth Copper Stopper

 Our sterling silver hammered stoppers have been available for a short amount of time but, they are now heavier and so make more of a feature on your bangle as seen here with the trollbeads White Diamond bead and the Cottingley Treasures Twist Bangle.

Cottingley Treasures Hammered Silver Stopper Trollbeads White Diamond Cottingley Treasures Twist Bangle

We have another piece of exciting news for those of you who love our Cottingley Stoppers as we will soon be bringing you a "touch of gold" in the form of an elongated stopper.

Cottingley Treasures Smopoth Gold Stopper Silver hammered Stopper Smooth bangle


As always we love to hear from you so please feel free to email us at hello@girlego.com or pop over to our facebook page and send us a message. We are also now on Instagram alongside twitter and Pinterest so you can catch up on all our news and more pictures!

Cottingley Treasures Hand Made Collection Grows

We are very excited and proud to announce the upcoming Cottingley Treasures Stopper Collection. These completely hand made (by us in old Dorset) stoppers are going to be available in Copper and Brass to match our Cottingley Treasures Bangles. We are also looking into other metals including our own silver and gold! As well as the smooth stopper we are also hand hammering a version to match with our popular Hammered Bangles.

We will have a release date very shortly but for now i have lots of pictures, including a comparison picture with a Trollbeads Stopper.

We have also updated the Silver Hammered Stoppers! They are now heavier than the previous version and a little chunkier too! 

I have also included a photo of our brand new pouches, branded with the Cottingley Treasures Fairy, they will be included with your purchase and may even come in handy for travelling with. 

As always please get in touch with any questions you have, we are always here to help.

Cottingley Treasures Brass Stoppers only at Girle-Go


Cottingley Treasures Twist Bangle and Hammered Brass Stoppers at Girle-Go Cottingley Treasures bangle and Brass Stopper only at Girle-Go

Cottingley Treasures Copper Stopper and Trollbeads Silver Stopper

Cottingley Treasures Copper Stopper only at Girle-GoCottingley Treasures Copper Stopper only at Girle-GoCottingley Treasures Hammered Stopper at Girle-Go

Cottingley Treasures PouchCottingley Treasures Brass Stoppers at Girle-Go

October 03, 2016

Elfbeads Deal of the Year 2016 ! Glorious Geckos from Elfbeads !

Elfbeads Deal of the Year 2016 !!!

Gosh ! The Elfbeads Deal of the Year at GirleGo is under way and so incredibly popular.
We will have a constant update to our Stock and the Glorious Geckos throughout the Dates of the Promotional Deal (until October 10th 2016). So there is still plenty of time to make your choice.

Each Gecko is Unique. I really have not seen Two the Same.... So you can be sure No one will have the same bracelet as you whenever you're out with your Deal of the Year Gecko from Elfbeads...

Please remember, if anything from Elfbeads' Current Range is out of stock, we will obtain it to order especially for you so please just get in touch with us and we'll be so happy to help.
These Geckos are certain to be Elfbeads' most Sought After Design to Date.... Don't Miss Out on Getting Yours !

From Friday 30th September Until Monday the 10th of October, when you Purchase Any Four Elfbeads Items, You Will Receive the Amazing and Unique Elfbeads Gecko with Two Fractal Monroes.... And, To Celebrate Elfbeads' 3rd Anniversary, a Further Two Surprise Elfbeads...
Making a Total Set of Five Free Elfbeads !!!

For an example of what could be in store for you, check out a picture or Two of sets recently delivered to Happy Clients at GirleGo....  Remember, No Two Gecko Sets are the Same. True Uniqueness.... Just for You...

Elfbeads Deal of the Year 2016 Unique Gecko

Further Details and Updates on Our Facebook Page. Just Click that Facebook button.

These Gorgeous Geckos are Sure to Bring Your Bracelets to Life Always....

Thank you all so much for considering shopping at GirleGo.

Best wishes and kindest regards, Zoe xxxxxx

July 20, 2016

Elfbeads Retired Bead Day July 2016

Elfbeads are well known for releasing lots of choice for their collectors, however, this time round we get a chance to go back through the vaults and re order those beads we thought were gone forever!!!

It is an exciting time for us all as we re visit beads such as the Skyline Dreams Glass Bead

Or the Popular Cotton Candy Stardust Fractal

With so many different colours it is going to be even more difficult to decide. Remember, these beads will never be available to buy again!!!

Jungle Flames Fractal

Nebula Earthbead Fractal

I think my must have is this Arctic Earthbead Fractal. I have the non Fractal version and it just mixes well with everything!

However much we love our Glass Elfbeads, it seems the Silver is what we are all searching for! We  have had a lot of our customers asking about the prices of these Fantastic Silver Beads and we are happy to say that they will be held at the same price as their original RRP!!  So this most certainly is a dilema.......
Just So Many Exquisite Designs to Choose From ...

Wonderhat      £39.00

Stars    £35.00


Pegasus    £35.00


Wavy    £35.00

 And Many Many More !!!

All of the Retired Silver Elfbeads in the "Retired Bead Day 2016" Section will be made  available again but this is a time limited offer and ALL ORDERS MUST be received by us At the latest Friday 22nd July. At this point we will not require any payment for your order until we can receive delivery from Elfbeads but, we will place your orders with Paul and await our delivery time. This could be longer than a week as some of these precious beads will be made to order especially for you !!!

Please email us on hello@girlego.com or PM us through our Girlego Beads Facebook page and we will be happy to help. For all the individual Silver prices please visit the
" Retired Bead Day 2016 " 
Section on our website and click on the bead that you are interested in and in the description you will find the price.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.......

Kindest regards, Zoe xxx